Bitte Jahr wählen

SPCG won a lawsuit before the Court of Appeals in Łódź on behalf of Socrates Investment S.A, concerning a demand for payment of over PLN 3,400,000 (plus interest) in reference to payment of dividend due to the current and past shareholders of PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna S.A. and other companies belonging to the PGE's capital group.
The above proceeding was a result of former proceedings concerning for declaration of invalidity of general meetings resolutions relating to indication of the day of dividend, which resulted in invalidation of these resolutions. As a result of invalidity of these resolutions these resolutions, the minority shareholders recovered their rights to obtain respective dividends. The dispute concerned two issues. First, whether shareholders are entitled to receive interest for default in the payment of dividends for the whole period of default. Second, whether such interest for default are due for the period of the security established by the court remaining in force. Both of the above mentioned issues were decided by the court in accordance with the SPCG’s standpoint.
The proceeding was conducted by Agnieszka Soja and Piotr Kamiński, both SPCG’s Partners.