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About us

The law firm T. Studnicki, K. Płeszka, Z. Ćwiąkalski, J. Górski Spółka komandytowa (limited partnership) (“SPCG”) is one of the largest and oldest independent law firms in Poland. The SPCG team includes seventy lawyers of whom fifteen are partners. SPCG specializes in comprehensive services for business entities and ventures as well as complex court and arbitration proceedings.

SPCG’s main office is located in Kraków, however the firm provides services in the entire country and has branch offices in Warsaw, Katowice and Wrocław.

SPCG has extensive experience in legal advising offered to foreign investors in Poland. In this area, SPCG has been collaborating with leading law firms from Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France and the USA for many years.

The SPCG team combines perfect theoretical background with broad and in-depth practical experience. This ensures the top level of legal services, including the highest competence in the interpretation and application of the Polish, European and international law as well as the versatile understanding of our clients' expectations and economic interests.

SPCG has strong ties with the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. Four of the SPCG partners are professors at the Faculty. Other employees of the firm include scholars from other renowned Polish academies, e.g. the Silesian University and the University of Wrocław. Close connections with the academic circles allow for obtaining additional expert analyses and advising services from the leading specialists in the particular fields of law.

For many years SPCG has been in the top ten of the largest law firms in Poland as well as the largest Polish law firm based outside Warsaw.