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SPCG won a case for WPO ALBA S.A. in front of the Court of Appeals in Wrocław, in which the court recognized the claims of the company concerning the payment of remuneration and lowered the amount of contractual penalties charged to the company.
SPCG represented WPO ALBA S.A, a European leader in the sector of waste pick up and management, in a dispute concerning the execution of an agreement concerning the pick-up and management of municipal waste concluded with a municipality in the lower Silesian voivodeship. The company did not receive remuneration for the services it provided for the municipality, on the account of the municipality charging the company with contractual penalty of over 15m PLN and deducting the contractual penalties from the remuneration due to the company and without cause refusing to pay the rightful remuneration of the company.

The adjudicating in this case, Court of Appeals in Wrocław, recognized the claim of the company for its remuneration, at the same time deciding that there was no legitimate basis in this case for charging the company with multi-million contractual penalties. In the courts opinion, the company has duly performed all its principal duties connected with the pick-up and management of waste, and the contractual penalties were charged after the agreement has already been executed. Therefore, they did not perform the function of mobilizing the company to properly perform its contractual obligations and were only charged in connection with incidental dues, which the appellant court found as disloyal and contrary to the function of contractual penalties. Furthermore, the municipality did not prove that because of the incidental dues it incurred any damages. Due to the above, the court decided that the charged contractual penalties are grossly excess and should be lowered from 15m to 50.000 PLN. Ipso facto the contractual penalties have been reduced to 0,3% of their Initial value.

On behalf of SPCG, the company WPO ALBA S.A was represented by a team under the leadership of legal counsel Krystian Radłowski, Partner and which compromised of legal counsel Pawel Węc, Senior Associate and legal counsel Paweł Łękawski, Associate.