Law firm

Pro bono

SPCG has been regularly contributing part of its time and efforts to perform pro publico bono activities through providing legal services (representation and advice) free of charge. The beneficiaries include state institutions, local government, universities and non-profit organizations. In particular:

  • The Jagiellonian University - Legal advice and representation along with Hengeler Muller regarding the theft and illegal export of extremely precious incunables from the Jagiellonian Library; the items were recovered.
  • The Jagiellonian University - Representation in the dispute and legal proceedings against the contractor of the largest infrastructure investments carried out by the University.
  • Participation as advisers and opinion providers in the works of the Sejm committees, in particular with respect to tax law as well as counteracting violence in mass media.
  • Participation in the Centrum Pro Bono program consisting of free-of-charge legal aid to non-government organizations, including: “Dobro Dziecka” (Parents of Disabled Children Association), Stowarzyszenie Dobrej Nadziei (Good Hope Association), Fundacja Rozwoju Kina (Cinema Development Foundation), Fundacja Świat Dzieciom (Child Aid Foundation), a Love Supreme (Education and Art Foundation) and Stowarzyszenie Grupa eFTe Warszawa (eFTe Group Association, Warsaw).

SPCG has also given its support to “Mimo Wszystko” (Anna Dymna's Foundation), “Piosenkarnia” (Anna Treter's Foundation), Poland-Haiti Foundation, Polish Foundation of Wild Animals, Fr. Blachnicki Institute, Light-Life Movement Association, “Leonardo” (Social Development Foundation), Partnership for the Environment Foundation as well as student organizations, e.g. the Jagiellonian University Association of Law Students Library.

SPCG also participated in various charity initiatives, including Lawyers for ill Children.