Taxes and customs law

In all of its cases, SPCG considers the tax aspects, analyzing tax risks related to transactions as well as advising on tax-effective investment planning and tax optimization for all domestic and foreign transactions, including transformations, mergers and spin-offs as well as other types of business entity reorganization.

The tax advising services provided by SPCG comprise in particular the issues of income taxes, VAT, excise tax and the tax on civil law transactions. SPCG provides legal advice on the application of the provisions of international agreements on avoiding double tax and the application of regulations on transfer prices.

SPCG also offers ongoing advising services regarding tax obligations.

SPCG gives legal aid in all kinds of proceedings related to tax obligations, including tax and control proceedings and proceedings before administrative courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court, concerning in particular the definition and determination of tax obligations, determination and return of the tax overpaid, return of VAT and obtaining official interpretation of tax law regulations. SPCG's services in the above respect include in particular: preparing appeals against decisions, complaints to administrative courts and cassation appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court. SPCG provides legal advice and representation in enforcement proceedings related to tax obligations.

Furthermore, SPCG offers legal service regarding all proceedings related to customs liabilities.

The SPCG lawyers provide legal aid in criminal fiscal proceedings related to tax obligations and customs liabilities, including to members of governing bodies in business entities, as well as in the scope of the liability of collective entities for fiscal or customs offences.

SPCG prepares legal opinions on the interpretation and application of the tax and customs law regulations.

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