Administrative law, court and administrative proceedings

SPCG provides legal aid in the form of advising on material administrative law as well as representing clients in administrative proceedings. SPCG has the most extensive experience in the following fields of administrative law:

  • Construction law along with the regulation on building products.
  • Zoning and development law.
  • Environment protection law along with waste management regulations.
  • Law on granting licenses and concessions related to business operations.
  • Tax law.

The SPCG lawyers provide legal advice on building projects with respect to administrative law, including analyses of the existing local zoning plans in the context of the possibility of the planned investment as well as representation in proceedings aimed at obtaining land development conditions, conditions of site location for public-purpose investments as well as building permits or occupancy permits. SPCG has represented clients in numerous procedures of adopting a local zoning plan and its amendments and has participated in disputes related to the adoption of local law regulations. SPCG's clients include institutional investors as well as local government units.

The SPCG law firm has extensive experience in advising on linear investments, in particular road investments. In this respect, SPCG has provided its services to investors and local government authorities as well as institutional entities whose legal interest was jeopardized by the investment.

Investment implementation is also related to environment protection. SPCG has broad experience in this regard, especially concerning the regulation on granting decisions comprising environmental conditions for investment implementation permit.

SPCG supports its clients in obtaining all types of environment-related decisions and permits necessary to start and conduct business operations, in particular in newly built production plants, as well as in obtaining integrated permits.

The SPCG clients include building material producers, hence SPCG has large experience regarding the regulation on admitting building products to trading. The SPCG lawyers represent clients in disputes with competent bodies, including the building supervision authorities.

SPCG provides legal representation in proceedings aimed at obtaining permits and concessions necessary for business operations. In addition to proceedings for energy sector businesses and permit to purchase real estate for foreigners, SPCG supports its clients in obtaining e.g. permits to conduct business operations consisting in protection of property and individuals, trade in alcohol, including wholesale and all other permits.

The SPCG team dealing with administrative law also represents clients in court and administrative proceedings before the regional administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

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