Waste management

SPCG is experienced in providing legal advice to entities operating in the area of waste management as well as entities that produce waste in their business. We provide services at the first stage of business operations as well as with regards to acquisition of enterprises or shares in operating companies, including support in solving current legal problems.

The services provided by SPCG include in particular:

  • Establishment of legal entities in order to commence business operations in the area of waste management.
  • Advising on procedures related to waste transportation and recycling.
  • Representation in proceedings concerning waste storage without the necessary permit.
  • Advising on the implementation of legal regulations regarding the waste management system in the municipality as well as providing public services with respect to municipal waste management.
  • Acquisition of enterprises operating in the extractive sector as well as of shares or interest in businesses operating in this sector.
  • Representation in proceedings regarding the abuse of the dominant position on the waste storage market.

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