SPCG has extensive experience in providing services to entities operating in the food market. We offer versatile legal services covering all key aspects of operation in the food market, with respect to both domestic and EU regulations. The knowledge and experience allow SPCG's lawyers to provide service in line with the highest standards of legal aid and the specificity of operation in the food industry, in particular with regards to its business aspects. Our services comprise the following:

  • Preparing draft agreements and representation in negotiations with other entrepreneurs in the food sector, regarding agreements covering food laws, in particular: commercial agreements related to distribution of food products, agency agreements, advising on agreement performance, confidentiality agreements and license agreements.
  • Advising on preparing investments for entities in the food market, in particular with respect to the preparation of the premises where the food / gastronomic activity is to be performed, representation before administrative bodies and courts, representation in matters related to registration and approval of premises.
  • Preparation of regulations regarding the introduction of food products to trading, in particular with respect to online sales and competitions.
  • Preparation of legal framework for the introduction of food products to the market, including diet supplements and special purpose food, as well as the introduction into trading of new food or new food components, including representation in proceedings regarding qualification of products conducted by the Chief Sanitary Inspector.
  • Advising on the area regulated by food laws, including the commercial quality; in particular: with respect to requirements pertaining to designation of food products, including presentation, advertisement and promotion, also in the area of products that have contact with food.
  • Advising on advertising food products, especially with respect to preparation and implementation of marketing campaigns and actions, with special emphasis on issues related to nutrition and health statements.
  • Representation of entities operating in the food market in administrative proceedings as well as court and administrative proceedings regarding financial fines, in particular with respect to non-compliance with the requirements of food product designation.
  • Representation of entrepreneurs from the food sector in administrative proceedings before the official food and commercial quality control authorities, including the State Sanitary Inspection, the Veterinary Inspection and the Agricultural and Food Quality Inspection, as well as in court and administrative proceedings.
  • Advising on the RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed).
  • Representation in cases related to criminal law, including mainly those related to the crime of introduction into market of food products harmful to human life or health, as well as production or introduction into market of food products that are stale or false, and representation in cases related to the offences law.

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