Real estates and construction investments

SPCG provides comprehensive services to entities participating in the construction process, starting from the purchase of the real estate through the execution of the investment, settlements with the participants of the process and to the actual use of the developed real estates. The services provided by SPCG include in particular:

  • Analysis of the legal status of the real estate (preparing due diligence reports), preparing draft agreements for the real estate purchase and representation in negotiations related to the purchase of the real estate.
  • Determination and organization of the real estate legal status.
  • Legal services in administrative procedures, including zoning and development, environment protection, construction law, and representation in court and administrative proceedings.
  • Tax advising regarding the execution of construction investments.
  • Drawing agreements on joint execution of investment.
  • Drawing agreement related to the investment execution, including the general contractor's agreement, the design works agreement, the construction works agreement, the subcontractor's agreement, the developer's agreement as well as representation in negotiations preceding the conclusion of such agreements.
  • Legal service with respect to investment financing, including the preparation of draft agreements related to construction financing and representation in negotiations preceding the conclusion of such agreements, preparation of terms and conditions for the issue of bonds related to the financing of construction investments, settlement of EU funds.
  • Representation in disputes and trials between the participants of the constructions process: investors, contractors, building subcontractors, architects and insurers.
  • Drawing rental agreements, lease agreements, advising and representation in the processes of commercialization of shopping, office and logistic facilities, drawing of franchise agreements related to business operations at the facilities as well as agreement for the sale of residential and commercial premises.
  • Legal service with respect to the operation of housing cooperatives.
  • Advising on public procurement law and representation in proceedings before the National Chamber of Appeal and common courts.
  • Tax advising related to investments in real estate.

We have provided advice on the following types of investments:

  • Commercial facilities.
  • Residential buildings.
  • Public utility facilities.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Industrial buildings.

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