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At today’s IZFiA conference, Artur Zapała, Partner at SPCG and other panellists discussed the Employee Capital Plans (PPK) and expected assumptions, which according to capital market participants should be included in the developed Government Capital Market Development Strategy (Strategia Rozwoju Rynku Kapitałowego) and potential risks of its implementation.

Despite differences in some issues, the panelists agreed on the necessity of including in the Strategy solutions enhancing confidence in capital market participants, public education in the scope of available tools and saving programs, but also the need to shape partnership relations between regulatory and supervisory bodies with capital market entities and to outline the long-term fundamental issues for development of the Polish capital market.

The representative of the Ministry of Finance participating in the panel assured that the draft Strategy takes into account many demands made by capital market participants. According to his assurances, the governmental project is to be published in the upcoming 2-3 weeks.


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