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SPCG provides comprehensive advisory services in the field of tax law, including in particular income tax, VAT, tax on civil law transactions and property tax. We advise on personnel taxes, taking into account aspects related to labour law and social insurance law in this respect.

We also advise on the interpretation and application of the provisions of international agreements on the avoidance of double taxation, as well as directives and other EU regulations on tax issues.

In all cases and transactions conducted, we take into account tax aspects, analyzing the tax risks associated with them, and advising with tax matters on effective planning of investments as well as domestic and foreign transactions.

We provide ongoing advisory services in the field of tax obligations of all kinds, in particular:

  • preparing opinions and legal analyzes in the field of interpretation and application of substantive and procedural tax law;
  • preparing applications for the interpretation of tax law provisions;
  • giving our opinion on the projects and contracts in terms of tax consequences, identifying potential risks and possible tax savings;
  • advising on applying of tax regulations regarding the turnover of sensitive goods;
  • advising on the creation of internal procedures and other regulations aimed at limiting the tax risk and personal responsibility of the managerial staff for tax settlements;
  • preparing due diligence analyzes in the field of tax law;
  • supporting our clients during control and tax proceedings.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with tax aspects in transaction advisory, including transactions consisting of merging, spin-off and resctructuring companies, purchasing companies, enterprises or organized parts of enterprises, as well as transactions regarding real estate and any transactions made on the capital market. We provide comprehensive support in the preparation and negotiation of transactions, also taking into account their tax aspects.

We offer legal assistance in all types of proceedings related to tax obligations, i.e. in tax and control proceedings as well as proceedings before administrative courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court. Our services in this regard include, in particular, making appeals against decisions, complaints to administrative courts and cassation appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court, as well as legal representation of clients in the course of proceedings.

We advise and represent clients in proceedings regarding establishment of tax liabilities, determination and refund of tax overpayment, VAT refund, applying for tax relief as well as obtaining interpretations of tax law. We advise and represent clients in enforcement proceedings and security proceedings related to tax obligations.

We advise and represent clients also in proceedings regarding third party liability for taxpayers’ tax arrears.

Our lawyers have extensive experience and necessary theoretical preparation in the field of fiscal penal proceedings, including members of management bodies of economic entities, as well as within the scope of liability of collective entities for tax and customs offenses.


Jakub Górski - attorney-at-law
Managing Partner

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