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Specializes in commercial businesses law and civil law. Deals mainly with court and arbitration disputes with special emphasis on corporate disputes.

Bartłomiej Jarco has many years of experience with regards to disputes related to the procedure of determining rights to shares in businesses. Represented Polish and foreign entities in numerous court and arbitration proceedings related to invalidation and revocation of shareholders' resolutions, exclusion of shareholders and determination of non-existence of resolutions.
In 2008-2010, Bartłomiej Jarco provided legal advice to a majority shareholder of the leading Polish telecommunications operator in a dispute with an international media corporation regarding shares in the operator's business and participated in the settlement negotiations.

He also specializes in energy law, especially in issues related to renewable energy sources.
In particular, has advised:
ZUE S.A. and Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Komunikacyjnych in Kraków S.A.
in the merger of those enterprises
T-Mobile Polska S.A.
in the merger of the T-Mobile group entities and transformation of T-Mobile Polska S.A.
Martifer Renewables
in the sale of wind farm projects in the north of Poland
Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa S.A. and T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH
in the largest corporate dispute in Poland, comprising numerous contentious and non-contentious proceedings
Socrates Investment S.A. and Secus Investment Sp. z o.o.
in legal disputes regarding the appeal against the resolutions of the general meetings of the joint-stock companies, in proceedings regarding the compulsory buyout and buyback of shares, and in disputes regarding claims on the conversion of shares in the process of consolidation of electricity sector companies
Gerium Group
in legal disputes regarding settlements under a preliminary agreement for real estate purchase
TC Dębica S.A.
in corporate disputes, including disputes regarding the appeal against the resolutions of the general meetings and the appointment of the expert auditor
Key shareholder of Gerda Sp. z o.o.
in corporate disputes, including disputes regarding the right to shares in the company, the exclusion of partners, the return of dividends and the appeal against the resolutions of the general meetings
Branch office

ul. Jabłonowskich 8

31-114 Kraków

Tel. +48 12 427 24 24

Faks: +48 12 427 23 33


Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Law and Administration, 2006



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