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Legal services related to the broadly defined companies law and corporate law constitute one of the key activities of SPCG.

SPCG offers legal advice with respect to the operation of all types of commercial law companies and partnerships as well as other business entities on the Polish market. SPCG lawyers provide services to commercial law partnerships and companies (including public companies) as well as to partners and shareholders.

SPCG provides legal advice on all aspects related to incorporation of businesses, e.g. drawing of articles of association and corporate charters, regulations of supervisory boards and management boards as well as all agreements concluded by partners or shareholders in relation to the operation of undertakings.

SPCG offers legal aid in the scope of regular corporate services, including drafts of resolutions by corporate bodies, organizing and conducting general meetings and shareholders’ meetings as well as supervisory and management board meetings.

Our lawyers provide advising on matters related to the sale or encumbrance of interest / shares, increase or decrease of the share capital (including contributions in kind), amendments to articles of association or corporate charters, redemption of shares, compulsory buyout or buyback of shares, preparation and implementation of incentive systems for the management as well as conclusion of management agreements, non-competition agreements and other agreements with members of management board and other managers, dissolution and winding-up and all other matters related to the operation of commercial law businesses.

SPCG provides legal advising services with respect to restructuring of business entities, including transformations, mergers and spin-offs.

SPCG offers legal services comprising registration proceedings and other proceedings related to the operation of commercial law businesses that are conducted by registration courts or other competent courts or authorities.

SPCG gives legal advice on all disputes related to the operation of commercial law businesses, e.g. exclusion of a partner from a limited liability company, appeals against resolutions by corporate bodies, including cases to determine non-existence of such resolutions or cases related to the compulsory buyout or buyback of shares. In all disputes, the SPCG lawyers provide legal services to businesses as well as to partners and shareholders. SPCG offers legal aid in court and arbitration proceedings within the scope specified above as well as in negotiations aimed at the amicable resolution of disputes.

SPCG has extensive experience in legal audits (due diligence) of all types regarding commercial law businesses.

SPCG provides advice on matters related to incorporation and operation of foreign business (entrepreneur) branches in Poland.

SPCG prepared legal opinions on the interpretation and application of the company and partnership law and other legal regulations related to the operation of commercial law businesses.

When providing legal services related to the operation of businesses, SPCG always considers tax aspects of the performed activities.

SPCG offers legal services in the scope of criminal proceedings related to the operation of commercial law businesses.

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Managing Partner
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Managing Partner
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