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One of the core operations of SPCG consists in legal advice and representation in legal disputes. The SPCG lawyers have extensive experience in legal representation in all types of civil and criminal proceedings before common courts of law, the Supreme Court and arbitration courts. Throughout over thirty years we have been successful in countless litigations and arbitration disputes.

In particular, we specialize in:

  • companies law disputes (corporate disputes);
  • civil law disputes, including disputes related to the performance of all types of agreements (including commercial agreements, construction investment agreements, real estate agreements) as well as disputes regarding illegal acts;
  • in almost all types of disputes under criminal law;
  • unfair competition disputes;
  • competition and consumer protection disputes;
  • intellectual and industrial property protection disputes;
  • labor law disputes;
  • disputes regarding all types of damages (among others due to non-performance of contracts, improper performance of contracts, contractual penalties, torts with particular reference to medical malpractice);
  • disputes arising from a breach of trade secret;
  • representation of management board members in compensation proceedings for performing their functions or duties.

SPCG provides comprehensive services in the scope of resolution of disputes through legal proceedings and during pre-litigation stages, advising on and participating in mediation and settlements. We have taken part in many high-profile disputes in Poland on behalf of clients from such sectors as: telecommunications, construction, industry, transportation, commerce, finance and banking and real estate.

We have extensive experience in conducting cases before the District Court in Warsaw, and then before the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, appealing (or complaining) against decisions of regulatory authorities and at an earlier stage of administrative proceedings, including the imposition of fines or penalties. We have gained this experience by conducting more than one hundred processes against the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications or the President of the Energy Regulatory Office.

We also deal with infringements of personal rights of physical and legal persons, including, inter alia, violation of the good name, the right to privacy, honor, the secret of correspondence, image, reputation, etc. We represent clients in matters related to press law, including the publication of press corrections and the protection of personal rights in matters falling within the broadly understood public debate. As part of this last specialization, we provide services to physical persons whose good name and honor were violated by persons performing public functions, as well as by publications in the mass media.


Sławomir Dudzik - attorney-at-law
Managing Partner
Paweł Węc - attorney-at-law
Jakub Górski - attorney-at-law
Managing Partner
Piotr Kamiński - attorney-at-law
Managing Partner
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