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SPCG provides comprehensive advising services on individual and collective labour law. These services comprise preparation of employee documentation, including employment contracts and management contracts, non-competition agreements, agreements regarding the employee training expenses and agreements on employee material responsibility. SPCG prepares regulations regarding work, remuneration, company social benefit fund and other regulations required in employment relations, depending on the client’s individual needs.

With regards to the collective labour law, SPCG provides advising during negotiations with trade unions in relation to the internal acts of the labour law. SPCG also supports employers in resolving collective disputes.

The SPCG lawyers have extensive experience in the transactions involved with a takeover of all or a part of a workplace by a new employer under business reorganization or the acquisition of businesses or their assets.

SPCG also provides aid to employers in proceedings related to accidents at work and their consequences.

SPCG also represents its clients in court trials concerning the labour law, including:

  • claims for reinstatement, claims for damages due to ungrounded termination of employment, claims for correcting the employment certificate and claims to determine the existence of the employment relationship;
  • claims for damages under the non-competition clause;
  • claims to determine an accident at work;
  • claims for damages under discrimination in employment;
  • claims for compensation, damages or compensatory benefit due to damage to health resulting from an accident at work, an occupational illness or mobbing;
  • claims for severance pay and other employee benefits resulting from specific regulations.

SPCG also represents its clients in proceedings against the Social Security Institution (ZUS) related to the performance by the employers of the obligation to calculate and pay social insurance premiums.


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