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SPCG has extensive experience in providing legal advice to entities operating in the extractive industry. We provide services at the first stage of business operations as well as with regards to acquisition of enterprises or shares in operating companies, including support in solving current legal problems. The important part of our services is advising on obtaining applicable concessions and other legally required administrative decisions.

The services provided by SPCG include in particular:

  • establishment of legal entities in order to commence business operations in the extractive industry;
  • obtaining legal titles to manage real estates within the mining area, including drafts of applicable agreements and representation in negotiations;
  • advising on preparing applications for concession to conduct extractive operations;
  • acquisition of enterprises operating in the extractive industry as well as shares or interest in companies from this sector and participation in the preceding due diligence process, tuned to the specificity of the sector;
  • preparing relevant documents in relation to transfer of concession to the given type of extractive operations;
  • advising on applying for legally required administrative decisions, e.g. a decision on the environmental conditions of the venture and other environment-related decisions;
  • advising on issues related to zoning and development and environment protection pertaining to the extractive operations;
  • representation in administrative as well as court and administrative proceedings.

Advising on labour law with special emphasis on the specificity of business operations and representation in legal disputes before common courts.


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