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SPCG has very extensive experience in providing services to entities operating in the telecommunications market. We offer versatile legal services covering all key aspects of operation in the telecommunications market, especially with respect to both domestic and EU regulations. The broad experience, both theoretical and practical, allows SPCG’s lawyers to provide services in line with the highest standards of legal aid and the specificity of operation in the telecommunications industry, in particular with regards to its business aspects. SPCG has provided legal advice and participated in many cases of great significance for the telecommunications market in Poland.

Our long and extensive experience encompasses the following:

  • drawing draft agreements and regulations regarding telecommunication services;
  • preparing drafts of agency agreements, advising on performance of such agreements, representation in negotiations with agents;
  • preparing draft agreements and representation in negotiations with other telecommunications businesses regarding agreements covering the questions of telecommunications law, in particular network merging agreements;
  • preparing legal framework related to introduction of new products and services onto the market;
  • advising on rebranding of telecommunications networks;
  • advising on the regulated area of the telecommunications market, in particular with regards to telecommunications access, telecommunications secret, financial penalties, protection of end-users, frequency management and preparing offers for tender procedures;
  • representation of telecommunications businesses in administrative proceedings before the President of the Office of Electronic Communications, court and administrative proceedings as well as trials before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection and other courts, including the Supreme Court, as well as in proceedings before the European Court of Justice;
  • advising on regulations of competition protection and unfair market practices, representation in administrative proceedings before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and in trials before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection;
  • advising on regulations of combating unfair competition, in particular with regards to preparation and implementation of marketing campaigns and actions, as well as representation in legal disputes;
  • advising on preparation of investments in telecommunications infrastructure, representation before administrative authorities and courts;
  • advising on issues related to labour law, representation in disputes before common courts;
  • advising on issued related to corporate law, including mergers, modification of the legal form, representation in disputes before common courts and arbitration courts;
  • advising on issues related to commercial agreements, representation in disputes before common courts and arbitration courts;
  • advising on the assessment of the legislative process applicable to the telecommunications law regulations.


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