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Yesterday the life of Tomasz Komenda and his family has changed. The acquittal by the Supreme Court confirms the fact that Mr. Komenda was wrongly imprisoned for almost 18 years. It also opens the way to obtaining due compensation and allows to claim compensation for moral losses.

Konferencja prasowa Tomasza Komendy w biurze kancelarii SPCG
Mr. Tomasz Komenda’s press conference, SPCG Law Firm May 16th, 2018

This man deserves a lot from the society. I, as an advocate, can help him with my knowledge and legal experience. That is why I decided to lead this case and represent Mr. Komenda. We will apply for precedential and record compensation in the history of the Polish judiciary – says prof. Zbigniew Ćwiąkalski, Partner at the SPCG law firm and Mr. Komenda’s proxy. I also decided to lead this case absolutely pro-bono, without charging any remuneration from him or his family. I do not want the discussions and presumptions about the remuneration level of the law firm which I represent override the most important aspect of this case – getting a reward for an unjustly convicted man for his lost youth and moral damages.

Konferencja prasowa Tomasza KomendyKonferencja prasowa Tomasza Komendy

Mr. Tomasz Komenda’s press conference, SPCG Law Firm May 16th, 2018

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